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For past many years, Mr Bir Singh is deeply engaged in action research on issues of local economy such as village economy, rural-urban migration, unemployment, human development etc. He believes that effective delivery of public goods such as quality education and health facilities on large scale for long run can enhance strength of local economy. Human resources has to be given due importance for accelerating economic growth and achieving high levels of economic development in the country. However, such a lofty dream can be realized provided educational institutions are instilled with new vision of people centric curriculum of education right from the elementary education. In his college, he has launched a platform-Friday School of Economics- serving as student-society interface where students are encouraged to think beyond textbook knowledge ( He believes that it is high time that our young minds and the future citizens are made to understand their role for creating an economically strong, indigenously vibrant, technologically robust economy, and humane society.

Areas of Academic Interest

Macroeconomics, Issues of Globalisation, Development Economics, Econometrics, Public Economics, Labour Economics