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  • Profile

    The Bodhitree, founded in the year 2010, is a network of ordinary people charged with compassion and empathy for contributing to happiness of human society. It is primarily engaged in activities aimed at strengthening delivery of elementary education particularly to the students enrolled in govt schools as well as sub-standard private schools. It believes that unless people are empowered by way of quality education which is affordable and inclusive in nature, dream and aspiration for building a happy, peaceful and prosperous human society would remain a mirage.

    The Bodhitree owes its origin to a banker- turned- college teacher, Bir Singh, who had realized that path to break the trap of poverty, unemployment, and helplessness in the country can be opened only by providing quality education and livelihood skills to the youth. The endemic scenes and situations of financial stress among majority of the people particularly in rural areas exhorted his conscience to take a corrective action. In addition, unless people themselves awaken to their potential, they would remain dependent upon either government support or blame their circumstances or their destiny for their misery.

    The Bodhitree has helped few students getting through competitive exams and completing technical courses so far. With rapid transformation in global scenario, in terms of trade, commerce, economy, and politics, more challenges and threats have surfaced than opportunities for growing people in India. Good jobs are getting scarce, people are selling their lands and properties, and village after village is migrating to cities due to economic stress. Essential commodities and services have become highly expensive and move beyond reach of common people. Most importantly, quantity and quality of public education and public health have deteriorated due to economic policy of Fiscal Prudence. The majority of people in the country are more concerned about their sustenance. The Bodhitree attempts to reduce the financial stress from lives of the poor by providing educational support, though on a very modest scale. It is working on inin stilling empowerment in youth by creating human resource in them.

    The Bodhitree, in short run,aims at imparting evening classes for children of the poor who are enrolled in government schools or tiny private schools. It also connects school dropouts to skill development institutions of the government such as ITIs, NSDC, MSME, and NSIC etc. In the long run, it aspires and committed to create a diversified base of skilled human resource in the country, strengthen local economies of villages by way of opening village co-operatives, achieving high human development, ensuring high economic growth coupled with matching economic development, reversing flow of migration of people to urban areas, and reviving dignity of human life. It seeks association and assistance of likeminded people for advancing the cause of human happiness. It invites volunteers for teaching assignments and also accepts financial support. The volunteers are awarded certificates of experience and appreciation on completion of their tenure.

    The Bodhitree has now its Centre for Inclusive Development operational in rural and urban areas of Delhi and NCR.

  • Vision

    The Bodhi Tree was established to spread human happiness by enabling and empowering people by spreading effective education, livelihood skills, information dissemination, and creating world class human resource in them. It began its eternal journey in Oct, 2010. Its sole aim is to instill capability in marginalized people and awaken them to nobility and dignity of human life through humanistic education. It aspires the association of those who earnestly wish to contribute to building a happy human society based on wisdom, courage and compassion. Very importantly, all inspiration for this venture is drawn from Dr.Daisaku Ikeda- a Buddhist leader, peace-builder, a prolific writer, poet, educator and founder of a number of cultural, educational and peace research institutions around the world, a legendary philosopher, poet, writer and peace activist. This is our modest endeavor to repay our debt of gratitude we owe to him, our mentor.